EDITOR’S COMMENT: What a blooming great idea . . .

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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Two years ago, I returned home one day to find what I initially thought was junk mail on the doormat.

It turned out to be a commendation from Bury In Bloom for the quality of my front garden. Applause all round.

Imagine my disappointment last year when nothing popped through the letterbox. Were my hanging baskets droopy? Was the heather not immaculate enough? Were the climbers too bushy, perhaps?

Now the In Bloom army of volunteer judges is going back on the road to award the 2014 certificates.

What a great little project – it inspires, it rewards those with the greenest of green fingers and it encourages all homeowners to put a bit of sparkle outside their front doors.

Well done Bury In Bloom for coming up with the idea – and for the next couple of weeks, you know where you will find me. Front garden. Pruning. Chopping. Planting. Dead-heading. And aching.