EDITOR’S COMMENT: We can all play a part in beating fly-tipping

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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I can count on one hand the things which really annoy me.

-- Litter and those that produce it.

-- Parents who swear at their offspring.

-- Drivers who tailgate.

-- Fly-tipping.

I like to roam Suffolk’s back lanes on a bike and there’s nothing worse than coming across litter thrown from a car. Thankfully, our two local councils are publicly clamping down on fly-tipping through the courts and prosecuting those responsible.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful corner of Suffolk – spoiling the countryside with these acts of vandalism is never acceptable.

We can all play our part. If we have things to dispose of, we should use reputable companies. Reputable doesn’t always mean expensive.

And if we spot fly-tipping, we should report it and leave it to the authorities to use the law to punish those at fault.