EDITOR’S COMMENT: Warning: Not quite the perfect storm

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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There I was on Sunday – tying the garden down, wrapping pots and plants and preparing for Armageddon.

The BBC’s ‘incident’ of 1987 has made news organisations a little jumpy to say the least. If it looks like a heavy bout of rain with some wind thrown in, we are warned days in advance to expect the worse. Heaven only knows what would happen if they got it so badly wrong again as poor Michael Fish did back in the day.

And while I admire the sentiment and the reasons for the warnings, I think some people do get a little carried away.

Reports of supermarket panic-buying reached me, as did the inevitable mocking Twitter messages when the storm turned out to be less of a threat locally than we had been forecast.

But then we always go over the top with our buying these days – never before have I bought an Advent candle in October.

I bet Easter eggs will make it into the shops before long...

>Barry Peters, Editor