EDITOR’S COMMENT: This is a success we should all celebrate

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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When you think of Bury St Edmunds, you think of the cathedral, the medieval grid, independent shops and the lovely parks and gardens.

What a delight this week to hear that our view of the town is shared by the judging panel of Anglia in Bloom, which has rewarded both the Abbey Gardens and Nowton Park with prestigious golds.

Awards are always nice, but people often forget the hours (and hours) of hard work without much reward which go on behind the scenes. Mike Ames was rightly mentioned this week and will forever be remembered fondly in regard to the In Bloom successes.

But my thoughts this week went to two other members of the ‘team’. Abbey Gardens head gardener Steve Burgess was rightly honoured with a special award. My special award, though, goes to someone who always goes the extra mile for the campaign – Melanie Lesser. Bury would be a poorer place without her tireless work and she deserves a special thank you from us all.