EDITOR’S COMMENT: Take a fresh look at funding for hospices

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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The efforts of the thousand women who chatted, laughed and walked through Bury St Edmunds at the weekend are amazing.

The Girls Night Out raised more than £100,000 for St Nicholas Hospice Care in the town – a mesmersing amount of cash.

Taken in context, that will keep the Bury hospice running for 10 days.

Isn’t it time for the government to take a different look at hospice funding in the overall provision of ‘care’ in the UK? After all, just a quarter of the hospice funding pot comes from the government with the remainder coming from legacies, fund-raising and donations.

Any money raised via such memorable nights as the Girls Night Out could then be used to extend services and build on the great care work carried out in town, rather than funding the day to day running.

Cloud cuckoo land? Let’s hope not.

>Barry Peters, Editor