EDITOR’S COMMENT: Take a bow for a much-needed road

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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I drove across the top of the deserted new stretch of the A11 on Saturday and my mind went back to a meeting with former MP Richard Spring.

Mr Spring, the former member for West Suffolk and now Lord Risby, was a tireless campaigner for the upgrading work on that stretch of road. He was a constituency MP par excellence and helped numerous constituents over the years.

Many of the new crop of suits in Westminster could learn a thing or two from the way he engaged with this part of West Suffolk.

He was rightly delighted that the new £100m-plus piece of road was finally up and running and deserves a large chunk of the praise for it finally coming to fruition.

We can but hope the new road brings prosperity, saves lives and makes business a better proposition in our corner of East Anglia.

But why on earth did the scheme take so long to be given the green light?