Editor’s comment: Shout it loud – Bury is a real success

Barry Peters, editor
Barry Peters, editor
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The secret is out – Bury St Edmunds is a success story.

New research commissioned by English Heritage (read the full story on page 16) heaps praise on the town for the way it has integrated modern shopping facilities into its medieval core.

Let’s pause and give a pat on the back to those responsible – St Edmundsbury council and its members and officers from the period in the main.

There were many sceptics at the time but it would appear from the research that there is palpable evidence that people are treating Bury as a ‘destination’ town more than ever.

Those same shoppers will expect continued good access into and out of the town which is why it’s critical that Vision 2031 doesn’t upset the apple cart.

This week, there are murmurings from Westley villagers that St Edmundsbury isn’t listening to them and plans for their area lack clarity.

Council boss Ian Gallin and his team must make Vision 2031 work for Bury – any accusations that the council isn’t listening to villagers need addressing without delay.

>Barry Peters, Editor