EDITOR’S COMMENT: School idea is an innovative one

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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The idea to use the former Charles Burrell School site in Thetford as a community centre is to be welcomed.

Cllr Terry Jermy talks of the idea revitalising that side of Thetford, creating jobs and training activities for many sections of the population.

There are kitchens, technology blocks, fields, two halls and classrooms on the 12-acre site.

That side of Thetford sits in the top 10 most deprived areas of the UK so the plan is suitable. It may not, of course, suit all abandoned school buildings.

As tax-payers, the people of Thetford will have contributed in no small way to the cost of building and the upkeep of Charles Burrell down the years. Many of them will have been educated there. Some will have taught there.

In an age when recycling is de rigeur, this has to be ultimate ‘green’ idea and one which deserves support from business and the end users.

>Barry Peters, Editor

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