EDITOR’S COMMENT: Relief road must not add to traffic woes

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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The Eastern relief road in Bury St Edmunds took another rather large leap forward this week with the news of a £5.7m grant being agreed by the government.

There’s still a long way to go before the promise of jobs galore and new national firms flood in but it is being viewed as a really positive step for the town in the corridors of power.

The road also enables the construction of 500 homes, a secondary school and a community football project.

The new road will link Moreton Hall’s Skyliner Way with Junction 45 of the A14 – that’s the one at Blackthorpe Barn.

Now, planners and council bosses must make sure that the morning and evening gridlock on Moreton Hall isn’t made worse by this project.

After all, there are plans in the pipeline for hundreds of new homes in that part of Bury and the infrastructure just isn’t there at the moment to cope sensibly.

The road promises huge investment – it must not be nodded through without a thought for the town’s residents.