EDITOR’S COMMENT: Recession costs are being felt by us all

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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I walked away from the second Bury Free Press Business Awards on Friday with a real sense of optimism.

The thrust of the night was that we are well-placed in West Suffolk to ride out the remnants of the recession – and the majority of dignitaries and business leaders I spoke to were bullish.

Fast-forward to midweek, and my mood had been tempered.

First, there was the news that one of Bury’s stellar independents – Lilyo in St John’s Street - was not renewing her lease.

Then came the news that Suffolk is expecting a £60m-plus cut in government funding.

For Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury, that’s a tidy sum nudging £3m which will have to be found.

There is certainly cause for optimism and the hard work of local business is rightly praised on our pages this week.

But the cold, hard facts are that no-one could have forecast the depth of this recession and the real costs are still being felt in all our pockets.

>Barry Peters, Editor