Editor’s comment: Pupils must come first in any decisions

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The reorganisation of schools was always going to have some casualties along the way. It’s inevitable.

But politicians and decision-makers in the corridors of power must remember that the reason for reorganisation should be for better education standards and increased welfare for our children.

Parents and pupils deserve to have a choice - sometimes those choices are not achievable simply because of the numbers but it should be there for all.

It seems any decision to force pupils (and parents) to trek across the town will be less than well received.

Then there’s the possibility that the whole process could be upset by the newly announced judicial review over in Stowmarket.

I’m unclear on the detail of what new evidence has been brought to light but I’m sure Bury St Edmunds schools, parents and pupils will be watching the result of this review with a lot of interest.

>Barry Peters, Editor