EDITOR’S COMMENT: Pay-on-exit is well worth a look

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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On the face of it, pay-on-exit parking would seem to be a good idea for some of Bury St Edmunds’ car parks.

At the moment, with the pay-and-display system, parkers have to decide how long they want to stay as they arrive. This can cause unnecessary stress for motorists who face fines if they overstay their allotted time. It must also discourage casual visitors from spending those extra hours and minutes in our shops and restaurants.

Yes, St Edmundsbury Borough Council will face extra capital costs to install new barriers and ticket machines, but the authority already enjoys a healthy surplus from parking. Other councils across the country make it work.

There’s no doubt that Bury has weathered the recession better than most and the economy is improving, but the town cannot rest on its laurels. Other shopping centres in the region will also be looking to hitch themselves on to the recovery and we must do everything possible to keep ours at the forefront.