EDITOR’S COMMENT: Parking costs just won’t go away

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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The thorny issue of car parking charges in Bury St Edmunds just won’t disappear.

St Edmundsbury stands to grab an extra £160,000 from the motorist next year when it raises charges again – an amount which you can add to the eye-watering £1.8 million shoppers forked out for the authority this year.

Town centre chief Mark Cordell is calling on West Suffolk House to think creatively about how it can help to pull more shoppers into the town. He is right to do so.

Many commentators are suggesting we are on the cusp of a recovery and that house price rises and the traditional boom in the run-up to Christmas will help to fuel this.

2,000 people are taking advantage of the innovative ‘Free from 3’ scheme in the town and schemes such as this need either expanding or adding to so that everyone – council coffers included – reaps the benefit.

Anyone got a thinking cap, please?

-- Barry Peters, Editor