EDITOR’S COMMENT: Obesity figures are a concern for us all

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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Sugary drinks, childhood obesity and a lack of exercise. They’ve hit the headlines before. Usually, it’s a news story with heads faded out and people waddling along the street in the United States.

But the problems associated with poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle have now hit home very locally.

Two thirds of adults in West Suffolk are clinically obese – shocking facts from Public Health England on Page 15 today show the extent of the problem across Suffolk.

And the answer to solving this issue which isn’t going away is within us all. It’s up to us to make sure this ticking timebomb never explodes.

We, as fathers, daughters, parents and friends, must take the simple steps to see us increase activity levels and improve our diets.

It’s not costly, it’s certainly not rocket science – but it does take effort and willpower.

>Barry Peters, Editor

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