Editor’s comment: May 17

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This weekend sees the advent of the smaller Bury St Edmunds Festival but one in which its four days offers a wealth of different musical and artistic events.

Some people have bemoaned the shrinking of two weeks to a long weekend, while others feel that the festival is very much an echo of what we already have featured at the fantastic Apex venue in the centre of our town.

No-one can deny the beauty, functionality and prestige the Apex provides and it is an excellent and versatile venue for a host of different acts which hard-working staff attract to our town.

Festival organisers are keen to get your feedback on their smaller event – is it small and beautifully crafted or has it been diminished by fewer days?

One thing is sure that the next few days will bring a fantastic offer to the town and one we at the Bury Free Press will be reporting on with great enthusiasm.