EDITOR’S COMMENT: Make tools available for healthy living

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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On first reading, news that a Wetheringsett firm is now manufacturing medical couches for plus-size patients makes for uneasy reading.

“Maybe in 10 years they will all have to be bariatric,” says one of the company’s managers.

NHS figures show the number of people admitted to hospital because of obesity has risen from 1,019 cases in 2001-02 to 11,736 in 2011-12.

Politicians and health officials can posture about an obesity crisis – but the reality is that people in the UK are getting larger. Those are the facts and we should learn to deal with them.

The Wetheringsett firm has spotted an opening in the marketplace and capitalised on it. That’s good business sense.

It’s hard to lose weight and take ultimate responsibility for your own body – I should know – but decision makers must ensure all the tools are available for anyone to start the journey and make that happen.