EDITOR’S COMMENT: Make sure increased fees don’t derail success

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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You may recall last week’s column – when I praised Bury St Edmunds for being singled out as a blueprint for other similar-sized settlements.

Fast-forward seven days and it looks like we’re about to shoot ourselves in the foot.

The ugly problem of car parking charges has reared its head again – not via St Edmundsbury, for once, but via the county council.

It seems strange that while Mark Cordell, councillors and the borough are doing everything they can to draw people into Bury, the county council is now proposing massive hikes.

On-street parking in areas such as Churchgate Street, Whiting Street and Hatter Street will rise by an eye-watering 30 per cent, from £1.70 to £2.20 for an hour.

Moans about a lack of consultation need addressing quickly, Our local county councillors must also make sure Cllr Graham Newman’s pledge that any extra cash raised through increased charges could come to Bury actually materialises.

>Barry Peters, Editor

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