Editor’s comment: Learning lessons from Josh and Hannah

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I get a sense that things are coming together.

Take a look at today’s pages 5, 14 and 20...and finally, page 7.

County council supremo Deborah Cadman seems particularly well tuned in to the Schools Organisation Review. She’s the former boss of St Edmundsbury council and is keen to protect her six-year investment of time in the town.

Elsewhere, next week will see a meeting take place with interested parties discussing the centre of Bury – and what can be done to improve it.

That’s another good move and a positive step for the town.

Then we have our new Chief Constable Douglas Paxton talking to the Bury Free Press about his hopes for policing.

Mr Paxton knows West Suffolk well, having spent a number of years here before progressing his career. He wants to open up the county’s force – again, a real plus.

But the story which gave me greatest hope was the one on page 7, involving a couple of caring children who have donated their pocket money to someone targeted by thieves.

Their selfless kindness and caring for others is the end result our society must be aiming for, after all.