EDITOR’S COMMENT: Keep SOR focus on the end-game

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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The clock is ticking for the School Organisation Review (SOR) in this part of Suffolk.

At the end of any consultation with huge ramifications such as this, there will always be people against and people in favour of the final decision – that’s democracy and must be welcomed.

But the sheer weight of opposition to SOR which is still apparent (More than 800 signatures collected for SOR petition – See Page 9) suggests some more wriggle room is needed before the final curtain comes down on this saga.

Whether two or three-tier is best for our youngsters is a matter for debate. But within both two and three-tier schooling, you will find inspirational teachers, those men and women who leave a real mark on a student’s impressionable young mind and shape them for the better.

The end-game for SOR must be what everyone wants – enabling excellent teachers to educate our children to the highest standards possible.