Editor’s comment: June 14

Have your say

The delights of a democracy include free speech and the right to contribute to local decision-making.

St Edmundsbury is about to embark on the final eight-week consultation period for Vision 2031. This is the framework which will detail growth for Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding area and includes plans for almost 6,000 homes at five areas.

Council leader John Griffiths has a tricky job. In his own words, he has to balance the the need to protect the ‘wonderful environment, heritage and way of life we have here alongside the right kind of desirable development to ensure our future prosperity’.

You will have a view on the best course of action. You will have a view on whether or not the council has got it right.

The important thing now is for everyone to contribute to the final plan and make sure the future vision takes on board all points of view.