Editor’s comment, July 5: Lean is the way to ride out recession

Brry Peters, editor
Brry Peters, editor
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On the face of it, a figure of £2.7m in payouts to redundant council staff might seem a bitter pill to swallow.

But the reorganisation at St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath councils will save taxpayers in the long run, it is forecast.

And take a look around – there are very few industries and sectors where the last six years of austerity have not had an impact.

Newspapers are the same. We have seen first-hand the need to rethink our game and all the decisions are tough to take.

The important thing in any package of redundancies is for management to be full, frank and open in all discussions from the outset. There’s nothing worse than ambiguity and the staff who are leaving deserve honesty.

Then it’s a case of trying to build back relationships with staff who remain and who may have to pick up extra tasks.

Cutbacks in today’s climate are sadly inevitable but corporate bodies and local authorities will weather the storm if they look after their most precious commodity – their people.

>Barry Peters, Editor