EDITOR’S COMMENT: Help police to catch the lazy litter louts

Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
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What gets people’s backs up the most? Simple – rubbish.

It may be a discarded sweet wrapper, a drinks can or worse. But there’s a consensus among most people that dropping litter is a scourge and yet it’s still fairly commonplace (just look along the side of the A14 to see some of our worst offenders).

My heart sank at the tail end of last week when news broke of 40 tonnes of industrial waste being dumped at Walsham-le-Willows. Why?

Our corner of Suffolk is beautiful. I often slip away in the early hours over a weekend to go fishing – the sunrise just after 6am is stunning and the wild fox at a Barrow lake I encountered on Saturday was a moment to treasure.

But the irresponsible and carefree dumping of waste – big or small – threatens wildlife and our lovely countryside.

Please help police to track the offenders – and be on the alert for any other lazy idiots who flout simple rules which are there to keep Suffolk pristine.