EDITOR’S COMMENT: Friday, September 13 – What about some more beat bobbies?

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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I’ve attacked police bosses down the years for being too remote, so the news of both Chief Constable Douglas Paxton and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore going on tour is welcome.

Residents will have the chance to quiz them and put forward ideas.

We’ve put forward a few of these issues to Mr Paxton this week.

I have another idea, which may save Douglas and Tim some shoe leather.

At the weekend, I was taken aback in the centre of Bury St Edmunds when a bobby on the beat wandered my way. He smiled, walked past and went on his way.

I have to admit to mixed feelings – I was a little shocked at seeing him in the first instance and then felt somewhat safer thanks to his presence.

So, can I have more police on our West Suffolk streets, please?