EDITOR’S COMMENT: Every footstep means such a lot

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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When it comes to good local causes, few attract as much support as St Nicholas Hospice Care.

When I came to the Bury Free Press in 2000, the team here were just in the last throes of organising a firewalk for Nicky’s Way (some of you may recall this fund-raising push).

The intervening 14 years have seen thousands of you raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Bury St Edmunds hospice – which now needs £11,000 a day to keep its service running.

Saturday night’s Girls Night Out was just the latest triumph when 1,500 women donned pyjamas and bunny ears to go on a fund-raising walk around town.

The picture special in today’s paper shows what a fantastic event this has become. The whole team organising the event deserves as much praise as those of you who braved blisters and the cold night air to remember loved ones – and help the loved ones of others who will be thankful for every single footstep you took.