EDITOR’S COMMENT: Drink-drive idiots fail to heed message

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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Let’s look at the facts: You have a drink, you get behind the wheel, you are more likely to crash or hit something.

What’s more, you’re almost certain to lose your licence, a lot of money, a lot of self-respect – and worse, you are likely to change the lives of those you injure or kill forever.

Why, oh why, then did the percentage of motorists caught drink-driving in Suffolk over the Christmas and New Year period double? It’s beyond belief.

138 drivers were caught over the limit - compared to 88 in 2012. And police carried out fewer tests in 2013.

Each week in this newspaper, we report on those who have been caught drink-driving and have been dealt with by the courts.

Is the punishment too lenient? Or is it just too easy to get hold of alcohol? Whatever the root cause, now’s the time for a hardening of our approach and a determination from those in power for zero-tolerance - perhaps using technology to defeat this evil once and for all.

-- Barry Peters, Editor

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