EDITOR’S COMMENT: Cupola scheme must be a real triumph

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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I can still see the flames licking from Cupola House in the historic centre of Bury St Edmunds on that fateful day back in June 2012.

Fast forward to January, 2014, and work is set to start on the restoration of this iconic structure.

Those behind the project now have 54 weeks to replace the scaffolding with a building we can all celebrate.

Make no mistake, this is an important piece of history for the town and it’s so important that we get the project right.

When you look at the many key buildings dotted around the medieval town centre, you realise just how lucky we are and how important history is to Bury St Edmunds.

Yes, we have the Norman Tower, St Edmundsbury Cathedral and the Abbey Gate – but the myraid other buildings and areas of interest are what keep visitors coming back to the town year after year.

We’ve lost a few important structures through the years – we can’t afford to let others slip through our fingers.

>Barry Peters, Editor

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