Editor’s comment: Big Brother shows we’re getting it right

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We moan about Bury St Edmunds, we moan about St Edmundsbury council (I’m guilty more than most) and we moan about the empty shops in our towns.

But the story which struck me this week is on page 3 today - and relates to the number of people walking around Bury.

It’s not an exact measure, it is one camera and not in the least bit scientific. But the same measure is used elsewhere and shows that more shoppers are moving around Bury, attracted by what the medieval centre has to offer.

That may be shops, that may be the Abbey Gardens, that may be our array of bars and restaurants but, in percentage terms, more people are increasingly coming here than are going to other towns and cities.

That’s excellent news, a sign we are getting it right and a sign everyone is pulling together.

Bury has long been attractive for its history, flaura and fauna – now add in the retail mix and we’re turning into a tough act to beat.

>Barry Peters

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