Editor’s comment: April 5

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Many of us who drive to work will have been left reeling after Tuesday night’s journey home.

Two sets of roadworks created mayhem and I was stuck in both. in meltdown mode.

My journey home began with the immovable gridlock at the multi-storey car park caused by roadworks number one in Out Risbygate Street where I and many others sat in our cars waiting to move. It was slow and tortuous. When finally the bottleneck shifted I set off happily for home. But more road angst awaited me in Cullum Road thanks to roadworks number two in Rougham Road and judging by the calls to the office I wasn’t the only fed up driver that night. No matter how I drummed my fingertips on the steering wheel, stared vacantly across the water meadows and angrily watched as pedestrians made it to the roundabout faster than my 
1200 hp – I was STUCK.

However I do pay tribute to all the other drivers who shared the hassle – everyone was incredibly polite. Good old Bury!