EDITOR’S COMMENT: Apex needs to wipe its feet, too

Editor's comment
Editor's comment
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House prices may be rising, but there’s precious little evidence of an anticipated exit from recession in many people’s pay packets.

We still have rising power prices, the cost of food never seems to decrease – and then there’s Council Tax.

It is right that St Edmundsbury’s Cllr Sarah Stamp is crunching the numbers on the subsidy which we all pay to the Apex. It stands at £750,000 a year.

A new staffing structure plus the link-up with Sodexo have seen the venue move more than £30,000 up on budget and it is anticipated the Apex will be within budget for 2013/14.

That’s all good news and needs following through. When times are tough, the figures need going over with a fine-tooth comb.

The Apex has had its detractors. But in the ‘offer’ which Bury St Edmunds can give to the arts, the Apex has a vital part to play – just not at any cost.

>Barry Peters, Editor

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