EDITOR’S COMMENT: 2015 offers us an intriguing election

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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Now the hard work begins for Conservatives in Bury St Edmunds.

The legacies of both Richard Spring and David Ruffley for the town will be their staunch support for town issues coupled with a passion for the area.

Jo Churchill has won the right to represent the party in the 2015 General Election. Many glib commentators see the town as a ‘safe’ Tory seat.

Delve a little deeper though you’ll see the underlying story is one of regular high(ish) turnouts with a groundswell of support historically for the Labour Party.

Mark Ereira-Guyer came close to upsetting the apple cart in 2001 when he polled 38.5% of the vote, with Mr Ruffley pipping him to the seat by 2,500 votes. Mr Ruffley’s first election in 1997 after taking over from Mr Spring saw him win with just a 368 majority. Not quite so ‘safe’.

Mrs Churchill shares Grantham ties with the Iron Lady and will need to show some of her political mettle if she wants to make her name in this ‘safe’ seat.

It will be an intriguing election.