DIARY OF A NEW DAD: Nothing better than a hug

A personal view
A personal view
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Day 395: I awoke this morning to the sound of Tom interacting with the large soft bunny that co-inhabits his cot, writes Ben Keenan.

The conversation, although one-sided appeared to be spoken in an unusual code which frequently used the phrase ‘Ghunga Gun’. Suddenly, the mood changed and I was summoned to his room for the first squeeze of the day, which again, is a one-sided affair but this time, because of me.

One new nappy later and we were safely ensconced at base camp under our duvet when Tom planted his daily good morning kiss on to his Mama’s gorgeous face and stuck his right foot into mine with ninja precision. Sometimes, being the Dad is a lonely road to travel. The times that I have spent alone with my son have been some of the most perfect of my life but I am fully aware that when it comes to the crunch, my son is addicted to cuddles and will literally climb over my face to get to his Mama.

I am a huge advocate of public displays of affection and emotion which is helpful as I display such things several times a day. I know many Dads who, like me, are comfortable and eager to kiss, nibble, hug and squeeze our bundles of joy wherever and whenever the urge takes us but at the same time, know of those who deeply dislike such displays in public.

I freely admit that I crave the attention of my son more than anything in world and when separated from him for the day, hurry home with excitement and impatience.

He has complete and total control over my mood, my outlook on life and my sense of humour. His frustrations make me frustrated. His tears make me cry. His smile warms me up like central heating and his infrequent spur of the moment embraces make me feel like there isn’t another person on Earth who feels what I am feeling at that moment.

Next week, my New Dadventure comes to an end with the 52nd and final instalment of the most astonishing and rewarding year of my life.