Diary of a New Dad: March 8

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By the time you’ve read this, there is a distinct possibility that my son will have recited his first poem.

At the ripe old age of two and a half months, our boy has absolutely floored us with several easily identifiable words including no, again, bang, milk and my personal favourite, Yashi. Why my son decided that the time was right to draw my attention to a five star hotel resort in the Sukumo region of Japan is beyond me but who cares, all that’s important is that Thomas is well and truly on the road to conversation town.

Working where I do, I often find myself loitering near the new parent section and more often than not, pick up a book aimed at specifically at new dads. This is an alien concept for me as throughout nine incredible months of pregnancy when our baby boy was calmly rehearsing his first entrance, I was reluctant to read a single chapter on anything about what was coming my way. To do so, I thought, would remove some of the magic and rob me of the opportunity to draw my own road map from Ward F11 at West Suffolk Hospital to wherever my role as Dad takes me.

I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to write about my son each week and am extremely moved when those who’ve read it stop to give me feedback or share their own experiences of raising a child. A wise and beautiful midwife once told me that every baby is unique but they are all identical when it comes down to what they need the most. I thought she was talking about milk but after 10 weeks of life-enhancing perfection, I now know she was talking about love.