Diary of a New Dad: March 15

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This week, I did what I’m sure many new parents have done and contacted that huge baby friendly conglomerate known as Pampers, writes Ben Keenan.

Whilst enjoying the bonding opportunities available during a routine diaper change, I had what I thought were a handful of inspired ideas on what we could have done with the vast amount of nappy bags Jen and I had accumulated since we brought our bundle of wonder home from the hospital, instead of throwing them away. As quick as the speed of thought, I emailed a letter to their customer feedback department and within 10 seconds had received a reply.

‘Dear Mr Keenan, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. We value all opinions and will take your comments into consideration. Best wishes, Pampers.’ In other words, we have sent you the same automatic response we send to anyone who sends us an email, don’t expect another one. Slightly vexed, I decided to power through as I strongly believed that my ideas were worth pursuing. I tried another route and wrote my ideas on their Facebook page. This was better as a response arrived after 10 minutes but still sounded like the standard acknowledgement from a company who would rather listen to profit analysts or shareholders than the passionate voice of a new dad on a goodwill mission. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our dreams so for the moment, I have decided that my ideas can be put on hold, but only until my son is able to walk so we can stroll hand in hand into Pampers HQ and try to make a difference together because as everyone knows, and what Thomas will be encouraged to learn as soon as possible, it only takes one good idea to change the world.