Diary of a New Dad: June 7

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It’s been a spectacular week in the Keenan household for several reasons, writes Ben Keenan.

The first was the arrival of the boy’s Grandpa from across the pond in America which has been wonderful for all of us but especially for Tom who has taken to the man like a French fry to ketchup.

This visit from was just the cherry on top of a seven-day box of delights which saw our son enjoy his first meal from the lofty heights of his first highchair, sit without assistance, watch his daddy perform at an outdoor charity concert with his band, experience the culinary delights of a butcher-made sausage and watch his first televised NASCAR race from the comfort of his Grandpa’s lap.

These famous firsts have changed the atmosphere in our home in remarkable ways that I don’t fully understand just yet but am slowly beginning to comprehend. Jen and I have always believed, as I’m sure all new parents do that our bundle of joy has the power to change the world but when so many amazing things happen so quickly, it is nothing short of breathtaking how perfect life suddenly seems.

There is chaos in our world broadcast 24 hours a day on numerous formats but it disappears the second my son opens his copy of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, holds on to it with two hands and decides that today, he’s not going to eat it, he’s going to read it instead.

We hold our son in our arms and our arms become walls which disappear into the clouds and improve and strengthen every aspect of the world around my family. These have been seven of the best and most emotionally satisfying days of my life which have strengthened the bond of what’s most important in my life with extra doses of love, respect and appreciation for the little things in life. Because the power of my son’s happiness is a beacon of joy which makes the big things seem minuscule and hilariously unimportant by comparison.