Diary of a New Dad - February 22

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I’m sure every new dad thinks this, but I am almost certain that my son is a genius, writes Ben Keenan.

Not a day has passed since he arrived that he doesn’t astound and amaze me with an incredible display of being way above average in every way.

Last week, for example, he decided that life was pretty spectacular and decided to start smiling as often as possible.

This tiny little man, who can inflate my heart to the size of a house, wakes up every morning and the first thing he does is smile.

Despite the occasional meltdown when he’s hungry, my boy is remarkably Zen-like and it is a thing of unparallelled perfection to be able to smile at your son and see him smile back.

When my paternity leave ended and I returned to work, the hardest part was that first goodbye in the morning but now, as I kiss my wife and child and reluctantly exit the house, I carry his smile with me like a bulletproof vest which keeps me several inches off the ground all day long.

When an irate customer decides that my day needs ruining or something happens in this crazy world that upsets me, I immediately think of my son’s face and nothing, absolutely nothing can hurt me.

Everything I knew about the man I am has changed now that I am a father and with each new day, I learn something incredible about life and it’s all thanks to 10lbs 1oz of joy in its purest and most cuddleable form.