DIARY OF A NEW DAD: Christmas is a big deal

A personal view
A personal view
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This year’s Christmas Fayre signalled an avalanche of festive cheer in the Keenan household, writes Ben Keenan.

Up until then, we had struggled to find the time to locate even the tiniest sprig of yuletide spirit as life and all its remarkable complications continued to get in our way.

Christmas is a BIG deal in our home and with our bundle of wonder well and truly on his way towards toddlerhood, Christmas has already begun to feel like a new experience for Jen and I.

Working where I do, it is impossible to relax and embrace the festivities with mulled wine in hand as there just isn’t time. I arrive at work early and leave late and in between there are literally thousands of things I need to do at once but as soon as I get home and see my son in a reindeer onesie, holding something shiny that only seconds before was hanging beautifully on our Norwegian spruce, everything suddenly seems calm and delightful and the chaos which had gripped me lets go at once. As Dean Martin once sang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and now that Tom is here to share it with us, it is difficult to express in words the feelings of love and happiness that have filled our home of late.

Tom’s beautiful dark eyes seem to sparkle even brighter in the soothing glow of twinkling Christmas tree lights as he stands and ponders why the garden has suddenly come inside his house. There are so many new and exciting sounds and colours in our home that Tom’s eyes are continually dancing inside his head.

This year has been full of magic already and to have December 25 so close to Tom’s first birthday makes me lose control of my emotions more times than I can keep track of. Since his first ride on the carousel on Angel Hill last week to his first shake of a sleigh bell when our tree was fully decked, I find myself shedding happy tears every time I think about my baby boy’s first Christmas and the indescribable joy he has filled my life with.