DAVE GOODERHAM: Hello Horringer after Bury priced itself out of the market

A personal view
A personal view
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By the time you read this, I will be lifting my umpteenth box or slowly navigating the A134 in a delivery truck.

After almost half my working life based in Bury St Edmunds, we are finally moving to the town – well almost, and well within this newspaper’s catchment area.

Our location of choice is Horringer as we swap one National Trust neighbour in Melford Hall with another, Ickworth House.

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and though we’re almost veterans of swapping, I can certainly testify to this. As I write, I am surrounded by at least 25 boxes in my living room as I contemplate another night sleeping on the floor (as the bed has been packed). Luckily, I played a man card to keep Sky, surround sound and a decent TV turned on so I could watch the week’s football!

Of course, it will all be worth it once we have moved in and started growing our roots.

Once again, we are renting – a fact maybe met by some groans into your cornflakes. But for reasons I might disclose one day, renting is once again our only current option and I am fairly comfortable with that. It has allowed us to live in some beautiful parts of West Suffolk – Clare and Long Melford previously. As soon as two boys arrived on the scene, we knew there was little chance of saving a 1% deposit, never mind 10 times that figure. We would have moved into the town itself, but to be honest we were precluded by the often-staggering rental price hikes.

Moreton Hall, a lovely part of the town where we would have been very happy, is a particular obstacle when it comes to the rental market. For a similar size house to the one we had in Melford, we would have paid at least an extra £150, which is a pretty poor show.

So Horringer is the new home. The local park has been checked out, an Easter Egg hunt has been noted at Ickworth House and, handily, I know the manager of the village Sunday league football team.

All that’s left is to load, unload and live in a different house in another beautiful village – but probably still surrounded by boxes for days to come.