DAVE GOODERHAM: Celebrating Mother’s Day is about more than just 24 hours

A personal view
A personal view
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Last month, one of the BFP’s bright young things was tasked with writing a first-person piece about what’s wrong with Valentine’s Day.

Too much commercialisation and hype and the fact that romance and love should be celebrated 365 days a year, rather than just one day. I might not have agreed with every word in the article, but she argued her case with good balance and opinion.

And it is an argument that could be levelled at another annual celebration – Mother’s Day.

But once again, I sit on the other side of the fence.

Of course, it is commercialised. You only have to walk into any shop or read any newspaper advert this week to have Mother’s Day messages leap up at you.

Flowers, bears, alcohol, theatre trips – you name it, and it is the ‘perfect present’ for any deserving mother.

In truth, most mums simply want you to a) remember that it is Mother’s Day and b) remember with a card. Is that too much to ask?

Like with Valentine’s Day, I see nothing wrong with having a day of celebration – as long as the messages of love and goodwill extend beyond one day out of the 365.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful mum. Someone who thinks of everyone else’s happiness before her own, who would simply do anything for anyone.

She is a tiny pocket rocket who thinks she is shrinking but the stress of having five adult sons will probably do that to anyone.

She occasionally gets confused, once crossing actors Robert De Niro and Richard Dreyfuss to come up with a new star of the silver screen, Robert DeFuse.

But it simply just adds to her appeal and character. Five sons all above the age of 35 will have given her a lifetime of laughs, but troubles, joy, but occasional tears.

Yet she has met it all head-on with strength, love and support – and sometimes a combination of all three.

I know I am a lucky one, but I also never forget that.

I don’t need one Sunday a year to remind me to say nice things to my mum, buy her a card or some flowers or chocolates.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be taking part in Sunday’s shenanigans. In fact, my bank balance will take a hit just by buying the five necessary cards – to my mum, my wife’s two cards (mum and step-mum), my mother-in-law and my Godmother. I don’t think I’ve missed anyone out!

Commercialised? Of course it is. Do I care? Not one jot.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mums out there.

And to the sons and daughters? I don’t know your individual circumstances, but where you can, try and spoil your mum – this Sunday and throughout the year.