CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Striving for the work-life balance

A Personal View
A Personal View
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The work/life balance: It’s something most of us strive to get right. We all need enough money to live, but it can be hard to fit a family life, time to socialise and a little all-important relaxation into the schedule.

So far, that balance eludes me and I always feel I am chasing my tail, with Mr Camille frequently telling me I need to ‘learn how to say no’. Therefore I was interested to read this week about a Bury St Edmunds businesswoman who is making her own efforts to get it right.

Lily Daly, of one of my favourite independent businesses, has decided not to renew the lease on her St John’s Street Lilyo shop to instead concentrate on online sales and to allow her to spend more time with her baby 

In the eight years the Lilyo store has been trading, it has become a regular haunt for me. Going to a wedding and need a bracelet to match the dress? Lilyo will have something. In need of a ‘pick-me-up purchase’? Best go to Lilyo. Last-minute gift for a girl required? You’ve guessed it – it’s time for a trip to St John’s Street.

The good news for lovers of Lily’s pearl jewellery is that her business will be continuing online.

And the even better news for Lily – and her family – is that by closing the shop she might be a step closing to attaining that elusive work/life balance. I wish her the best of luck.

-- New road signs welcoming visitors into Bury have been unveiled, along with the winning slogan selected to reflect the town.

‘Bury St Edmunds: A jewel in the crown of Suffolk’ has a nice ring to it, so it gets the thumbs-up from me. However I can’t deny being a tad disappointed none of my suggestions – penned in this column back in July – made the shortlist.

How could the judges dismiss ‘Not spelled Bury St Edmonds’ or ‘It sometimes smells of sugar beet or brewing beer’ as the way they wish the town to be portrayed to all who come here? Beats me!