CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Rehearsals have been all-consuming

A personal view
A personal view
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Fishnet tights: check. False eyelashes: check. Silver tap shoes: check... Such a list can only mean one thing: show week is coming.

From Tuesday night I will be blinded by the footlights and gazing out into a sea of faces as I take my place on the Theatre Royal stage in the Irving Stage Company’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

While I intended to write about something more hard-hitting and Bury St Edmunds-related than my turn in the (back row of the) chorus, alas I find myself unable to do so. And that’s the thing with being involved in am-dram. Since June – save a break over the summer holidays – we’ve diligently met every Monday and Wednesday evening for rehearsals.

For the past month the pace has stepped up – what with Sunday rehearsals added in to the mix – and now my brain is so consumed by Jesus Christ Superstar I can think of nothing else.

It is a good job my husband is currently back in Afghanistan as he has not had to witness my nightly dance practice by the bed. Yes, I know my bedroom should be a relaxing place conducive to sleep, but I’ve had such a bad cough that’s kept me up most nights this past fortnight (another reason for my husband to be grateful he’s out of the country) that I’ve resorted to listening to show music and going over the dance steps in an attempt to distract myself from the near-constant tickle in my throat. The spiders currently residing in my bedroom are now familiar with me skipping around the bedroom while wearing my new Bambi pyjamas. It truly is a sight to behold.

But if you haven’t got a ticket yet, please don’t let me put you off. Not only will I not be wearing my jim jams on stage but I will also not be singing any solos: These are two very good reasons to enjoy the show. The talent we have in the cast always astounds me and this production is no different, so audiences are in for a treat.

After the whirlwind of show week is over I shall hit the ground with a bump and focus my attentions back on the burning issues in the town. I promise!