CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself

A personal view
A personal view
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If, like me, you are waking up from the festive season a little bleary-eyed, a few pounds heavier and with a dented bank balance, it might seem like a good time to take stock of the past year and start preparing to do it all over again.

I never make New Year’s resolutions on the basis it is easy to feel like a failure when they have been broken two weeks into January.

Instead, I make what I call ‘life targets’ – aspirations which may turn out to be unachievable but I can have a good crack at attaining.

In 2013 I did manage to lose a stone in weight– or at least I had before the festive season hit – so I can tick one life target off the list. But I monumentally failed to give up smoking or to find the elusive work/life balance. Any tips for me to crack these two targets in 2014 will be gratefully received.

But the problem with such targets or resolutions is that they fail to take into account an entire year’s worth of effort and achievement.

In the future, when I look back at 2013 I will not remember the fact I ‘failed’ on two counts. Instead, I know I’ll fondly remember it as a pretty good year. It’s been packed with high points, the low points have been in the minority and despite having been a grown up for more years than I care to admit, I still learned a lot.

So while many readers might be hoping to completely change their lives in 2014, I have a slightly different take on it.

By all means aim to do things slightly different next year and if you have a specific goal, go for it. But don’t focus all your hopes, dreams and energy in one area and forget to notice all that is happening around you.

Yes, the next 12 months might not bring you all you wish for, but if you have your eyes open you should notice there is plenty to be thankful for.

And my life targets for 2014? Simple: To give up smoking; find the work/life balance and, above all, enjoy whatever life has in store. Cheers!