CAMILLE BERRIMAN: I’m rather partial to a portion of chips

A personal view
A personal view
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Chippy chips! Regular viewers of (the sadly now defunct) Harry Hill’s TV Burp might be familiar with this catchphrase, as will my colleagues who know I am rather partial to deep-fried sticks of potato.

But the realisation this week was National Chip Week got me thinking about my love of pommes frites and where best to sample them in Bury St Edmunds.

Chips are the nation’s food of choice and if you, like me, are a chip lover we are spoiled for choice in our town.

For the purposes of this column I have focused on fish and chip shops and ignore the other food outlets which have been fortunate enough to win my chip custom over the years.

My top three:

3. Bury Fish and Chip Shop, St Andrew’s Street North. Nothing beats this place if struck down with a gnawing hunger and only chips will do. It is in a great location, the service is always quick and you can eat in or take out.

2. Deep Blue, Hardwick Shopping Precinct. My love of this chippy goes back to 2000, in its former guise as ‘Jack’s’. My sister-in-law worked there and, knowing my love of chip shop chips, occasionally brought leftovers home. My weight ballooned and as a result I now, regrettably, have to moderate my chip intake. I still rate Deep Blue following its change of ownership and in recent years have been known to pop in for a chippy-chips fix following a weigh-in at Slimming World or a Zumba workout at Southgate Community Centre next door (shame on me).

1. Peyton Plaice, in Barton Road. This restaurant wins on the grounds of convenience (it’s on my way home) and quality. If you want something to go with your chips (battered mushrooms are a personal favourite) they will cook to order and it has never let me down on the delicious chips front. But, crucially, they have been known to give me two gherkins for the price of one if they’re a little on the small side.

So what do you think – are there any glaring omissions or do you agree with my vote?