CAMILLE BERRIMAN: A tale of two carriageways . . .

A personal view
A personal view
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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. Today’s Jackanory is the story of a long-fought battle to turn a well-used trunk road into a (theoretically) congestion-free dual-carriageway.

This is the tale of a route linking two European cities – Norwich and Barcelona – which, until now, was all dualled apart from the stretch between Thetford and Mildenhall’s Fiveways roundabout.

It is an epic drama, starting last century and only now nearly reaching its happy ending.

Yes, this is the saga of the A11. While it’s not your usual bedtime reading and I can’t see Hollywood producers rushing to make a film about it, Monday’s opening of the new Elveden bypass (albeit only single-carriageway, for now) marks a dramatic crescendo in the plot. Put simply, it will make an enormous difference to thousands of people. For the commuters who drive it daily, the hauliers whose HGVs thunder up and down the road and Elveden residents, journeys should now be a little bit easier.

My other half does not use the A11, but he frequently drives along the B1106 to reach Brandon. Delays are generally as a result of one of two things: hold-ups at the A11 Elveden crossroads or the level crossing in Brandon High Street. So it was with some interest he made the journey on Monday.

At the Elveden traffic lights he was greeted with a red signal which changed almost immediately to green, before he headed across the new A11 flyover. First impressions look positive. Let’s hope when the road fully opens later this year, it is case of happy ever after all round.

n In other news, I’m happy to report I’m not deaf as a post as feared last month. No, thanks to a thorough screening at Mount Farm Surgery by Teresa Sadler of the Hearing Care Centre, I can announce I have the hearing of an 18 to 25-year-old. After listening to a range of sounds through probes inserted into my ears, the verdict is that my hearing is ‘very good’. This does mean I can no longer blame my selective hearing in conversations with my husband on dodgy eardrums. Nope, I am now going to point the finger at his poor anunciation.