Camille Berriman: A bit of well-deserved beauty bliss

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Occasionally, everyone needs a little ‘me time’. Modern life can take its toll, and between full-time work, performing in an amateur show, part-time work instructing Zumba and giving my poor neglected garden some TLC after a winter of neglect, last week I decided I deserved a little pampering.

So on Thursday evening I visited West Suffolk College’s In Vogue salon for a few hours of beauty bliss. There, trainee beauty therapist Joanna Taylor gave me possibly the best pedicure and facial I have ever had. I walked out with baby-soft tootsies and radiant skin. And all for a bargain price.

As if my own experience was not enough, on Friday I opened the Bury Free Press to see further evidence of the college’s excellent work, in a report about its annual Hair and Beauty Festival, where the department’s 340 students showcased their skills.

If, like me, you feel the need for a mini-spa session or your locks look more like Stig of the Dump than Cheryl Cole, I can highly recommend visiting In Vogue. Appointments might take longer than in a normal salon, but you will be in safe – and supervised – hands. Not only that, you will leave knowing you have helped a student prepare for future employment. But get in quick, as this year’s courses end soon.

-- Regular readers will know my husband is currently on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Up until last week, we had kept in touch via the 30 minutes of telephone calls provided as standard to all members of the armed forces in operations there. Now, all that has changed thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

In honour of our wedding anniversary (and because he wanted to update his laptop), last week Mr Camille paid $30 to upgrade his internet connection for seven days, which enabled us to Skype for the first time. Seeing his face after 10 weeks was a revelation. As was not constantly looking at my watch to see how much time we had left on the line.

I was able to show him our three cats and the dire state of our neglected garden, while he was able to show me his dingy accommodation and gun. It was worth every penny.