Bespoke solution is the right one

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‘Free parking, a reduction in night-time charges and reduced season ticket fees...’

A lump came to my throat when I read that on Page 6 today. Well, after I’d wiped that tear away that was forming.

The issue of town centre parking and charges for doing just that have been high on people’s radars for many months.

An across-the-board rise sparked anger. Traders and their representatives kicked back. Crucially and laudably, St Edmundsbury listened.

Come early April, new charges will be brought in. There will be some higher charges, some have been lowered and some areas have received special thinking. Lower Baxter Street will be free before 10am on Wednesday market days – a sign that someone knows the town and the workings of the market (which is full swing by 8am).

A one-size-fits-all rise doesn’t suit Bury. This bespoke solution to a one-off market town is clever and should deliver necessary funding while still attracting shoppers.

-- Barry Peters, Editor

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