Ben Keenan: Season’s colours can take your breath away

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Autumn, ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ as Keats so eloquently put it,is my second favourite season behind winter, with spring taking a third place bronze and summer way back in last place.

Autumn as a season is, in my opinion, the most beautiful time of the year unless you’re one of those people who prefer the eye-watering sizzle and pop of a scorching hot summer’s day to one where you can almost see words forming in the air as soon as they escape from your mouth? For me, this time of the year is all about hard-to-describe colours and food cooked achingly slowly for hours and hours.

My wife Jen and I drive 12 miles to Bury each day and as each corner merges into the next, we are often left speechless by the variety of colour on the trees and by the sepia tinged leaves clinging on to them for dear life.

The autumn is pure inspiration and makes me crave long walks in country parks like Nowton, where every turn of the head stirs the soul and makes people open their eyes as wide as possible in order to drink in all the remarkable sights that surround them.

Although Keats’ Ode to Autumn is regarded as one of the finest poems ever written, I’ll leave you this week with a beautiful line by John Donne – ‘no spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as can be seen in one autumnal face’.