Ben Keenan: Great white shark gave me a taste for terror

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I discovered at an early age that scary films were addictive, thanks to a 25ft shark which tried to eat Roy Scheider.

Even now, at the age of 31, when I think about Jaws I get a shudder of fear and excitement pulsating up and down my spine which makes me want to watch it over and over again.

That primal surge of pure terror which turned my blood into ice as I watched the quaint Island of Amity nibbled at by a Great White monster captivated me beyond anything I’d ever seen – until the night I experienced my first Hallowe’en party.

After weeks of planning I decided to dress as Count Dracula and purchased a quality cape and fang combo that looked amazing with my new black jeans but failed to impress due to seven of us at the party wearing identical costumes.

Hallowe’en divides opinion like no other global celebration. Some families commit to it with the same giddy enthusiasm as Christmas but others look upon it as silliness dressed up in fake blood and a Witch’s hat.

I always look forward to it immensely because my amazingly creative all hallows obsessed colleague Kerry writes a spectacular Hallowe’en themed play that this year we will perform to fearless children on Friday, October 28.

Anyone young and brave enough can join us for the morning or afternoon session as we present the spooky tale of ‘Maude and the Wolf’, which will chill the blood and tickle the funny bone for the bargain price of £2.

Come and visit us at the Butter Market branch of Waterstones for information and tickets IF YOU DARE . . .