Ben Keenan: From here to paternity

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West Suffolk’s Midwives are Superheroes in Scrubs. In the last nine months I have met some of the most caring and wonderful women, all of whom wear that special badge of honour that says I am a midwife trained in the fine art of midwifery.

The maternity unit at West Suffolk Hospital has become a very important place in the history of my family. It is where our first baby was born, where my wife received the finest care anyone could ever hope for and where four women,who I take immense pride in telling you about work. The lady who helped bring our bundle of joy into the world is a beautiful, energetic and inspirational lady named Haley. She doesn’t usually work nights but just happened to be assigned to us when another exceptional midwife, named Karen, finished her shift. Before that, a dedicated and passionate lady named Theresa helped us find some untapped strength to power through after our batteries had started to run dry before, like an Olympic torch we were passed to a lady named Lynda, whose tone was one of such confidence, authority and incredible strength that it becomes impossible not to feel like you are in the best possible hands in her presence. These four ladies and dozens of others helped my family by giving us the sort of attention that astounds those who receive it. So often we hear stories of our much maligned NHS and its funding struggles but seldom hear tales of those who give life changing support on a daily basis. Since we left ward F11, we’ve been thinking of ways to express our thanks which don’t involve a card, chocolates, Champagne or flowers because the service we received deserves the sort of effort on our part that yields exceptional results. I am not an experienced fund-raiser but my goal is to raise as much money as I can for something that makes a difference for our midwives – be it new equipment or a party in the Abbey Gardens. With the help of anyone who feels like giving it, I think we can do something incredible and memorable as a way of giving back just a tiny fraction of the joy they send those they care for home with. Drop me a line at