Ben Keenan: A Personal View

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On February 25 2011, I wrote my first Personal View for this fine newspaper. Those of you with eidetic memories might recall that the theme of the piece was my passion for Barwells sausage rolls from its location in Abbeygate Street, which is now occupied by Viv’s Patisserie.

I then wrote a piece about how proud I felt at becoming a member of a video rental store which opened my eyes to the wonders of cinema and film making but alas, that company has since gone into administration and closed.

Things change all the time and even a town as steeped in history as ours must consistently diversify to meet the needs of those who live and work here.

I’ve interviewed some truly fascinating people since this column was launched and have thoroughly enjoyed telling their stories that many of you have told me you have enjoyed reading. I have talked with men, woman and children who have astounded, fascinated and improved me and learned more about Bury and its residents than I know about Italian food and sandwich fillings.

I really admire this town and have a great deal of respect for those who have made an effort to improve it with positivity and far-reaching ideas which have had a beneficial impact on the whole community. There are thousands more good news stories out there than I’ve had the chance to discover and hope that whoever takes my place is as keen to unearth them as I was, but now is the time for me to carve out a new position for myself in this illustrious newspaper.

My fortnightly musings on all thing’s St Edmunds are changing to a weekly one as I take up the column inches devoted to Diary of a New Dad, for that is what I am, what I’ve always wanted to be and where I hope to share some of the most exciting and emotionally satisfying adventures I have ever embarked on in my 32 years alive. I hope you’ll join me but before I go, would like to thank you for reading what has been a deeply inspirational two years which have given me a greater perspective and deeper sense of community pride than I’ve ever experienced. See you next week!