Barry Peters: Years pass but the news keeps happening

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The changing of the years is often a time for reflection.

I’ve adopted BBC style when it comes to this decade – going for the Twenty Twelve approach, rather than Two Thousand and Twelve.

After all, war broke out in Nineteen Fourteen, not One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fourteen.

My life changed beyond all recognition 20 years ago to the day when I became a father for the first time.

I wasn’t at the helm of the mighty Bury Free Press in those days – I recall one David Williams was in charge – but I thought it would be fun to look back at what was facing Bury back in the heady days of 1992.

Worldwide, it was a time of war in Bosnia, Bill Clinton arrived at the White House and Barcelona hosted the Olympics. Elsewhere, Charles and Diana announced they were to split and Windsor Castle was hit by a devastating fire.

More locally, New Year 1992 began with news of a new menu at the town’s historic Angel Hotel and a plan for doctors to take control of their own finances.

Meanwhile, Free Press writer Jon Buss went along to the WI Market in the Oddfellow’s Hall in Whiting Street and found it contained the best bargains in town. Over in Mildenhall, Transport Minister Roger Freemen dug the first turf as ongoing plans to make the A11 dual carriageway moved forward.

In our schools, there were problems thanks to the then Education Secretary Ken Clarke. County Upper faced a £28,000 deficit in government funding due to a forced 7.5 per cent pay rise for teachers.

1992 also saw more wrangling over a plan to build a multi-storey car park on land off Parkway, in Bury St Edmunds along with 46 new shops for the town.

A multi-storey and a host of new shops? That’ll never happen...